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Making Memories in Los Cabos

When my husband and his brother told me and my sister-in-law that they wanted to go to Mexico for some R and R, we were both on board with that. None of us had ever been there, and we knew that it was something that would be enjoyable for all of us. They have another brother and also a sister, so we decided to see if they all wanted to go too and make a family affair of it. We started looking at luxury vacation homes in Cabo once it was decided that all four siblings and their spouses were going to go.

If it had just been my husband and I going, I would have just looked at an all inclusive resort for a week. With the four of us going, we wanted something a lot more private since it is rare for all eight of us to be together like this. When I saw the La Terraza rental property, I knew that it was the one for us. I sent a link of it to my sisters-in-law to get their opinion, since it was going to be our choice for where we stayed.

Just looking at all of the amenities and pictures of the luxury home was enough for all of us to know that it was perfect for us. There are four bedrooms there, and each of us would have our own private bath along with a community bathroom outside our rooms. The location is perfect too. The guys can go golfing, snorkeling and whatever else they want to do while we girls shop and tour the gorgeous area. With all of us chipping in for the week long stay, it was extremely affordable too. This was the perfect answer to an R and R getaway, making it the perfect place to make lasting memories.